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Union Gaming is a Half Life 2 Role Playing server, which takes place in the city.

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1 The Lore and More - BEING DEVELOPED ACTIVLY on Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:58 pm

How the city began:
With the seven hour war over, and the Metropolice Force eventually born, a city in Stockholm, Sweden was taken over by the forces of synthetic units. Half of the original occupants in the city were captured, while the other half was completely wiped out. As this was done, the captured citizens were forced to different cities as they cleaned up the city they were currently in, as a new Force was assigned to what would now be named City Eighteen. The first division to be assigned to City Eighteen was GRID, which took over a fairly large building, and stripped it down to implement their own technologies, inserting bio-locked blast doors, and other advanced technology. After this was done, HELIX and UNION were then sent into the city to begin work. They made sure everything was in working order before the assigned Sectorial is sent to their city, as he checks over everything one last time to make sure it is up to standards, and was deemed ready for use. After City Eighteen gave its green lights out, citizens were transported to this City, as they immediately felt the force of the Union on them. Propaganda would slowly seep into their lives, as some turned loyalist, and other rebellious.

- 200X - Resonance Cascade
- 2002 - 7 hour war
- 2002 - Earth Surrenders
- 2003 - Breen adopted Administrator
- 2004 - MPF is born
- 2005 - UED instated, Sectorial Commanders assigned to cities
- 2005 - Citizens distributed to Cities.
- 2010 - OTA are produced
- 2017 - Current Date


The lowest point. As a citizen, you are bound under the unions wrath and unfairness, though you are still able to have a fairly social life. These citizens can be good, neutral, or bad. Good being the first step towards a loyalist, bad being the step to rebellion, and neutral remaining a normal citizen.

These citizens are marked loyalist by the union who have completed reports on unlawful doings, giving them a bit of trust to the union. When they get to a high enough point, they can apply to become a broadcaster to spread propaganda.

This class sells foods and other goods to citizens. All of the items they sell are union approved. Mostly self explanatory.

Civil Administration: This applies for all classes under this faction. These guys spread propaganda to make citizens feel comfortable with the units and the city they are in. This maybe reduces the amount of rebellion by a small bit. Inside the nexus, they have no real power, and can be compared to a Recruit.

Metropolice Force: In order to keep socio-stability in a stable state, they should allow citizens to talk to them, whether it be a question or short conversation, though they should always be alert. This does not apply to them if they are on a task that requires full concentration, or if they are isolating an area, etc.

Overwatch Transhuman Arm: If the citizen sees these guy, they should be pissing themselves. The Metropolice Force should also be a bit scared, but not as much. The Overwatch Transhuman Arm is called in if there is a huge uprising, large rebellious activity that must be suppressed, or other things in certain situations. They do not think twice about their actions.


Metropolice Force System:

UED - The highest of the high. He makes sure all cities on earth are intact and are stable. If the whole cities socio-stability changes, you should expect a visit from this guy. If things are not as he sees fit as well, you will see a visit from him. No matter who you are, unless you are Overwatch or the Sectorial, you should be scared.

SeC - The Sectorial Commander of a city. He rules the city he was instated to, and has absolute power over it. His job is to make sure the units are doing what they are supposed to do, checking with the Divisionals, and other priorities to make sure the cities stability is at green.

CmD - The Commander of a city. This is the Sectorials right hand man. He has almost the same powers as the Sectorial, but depending on what he is doing, he must also request if it is fine from the Sectorial as well. He makes sure the little things are going good, such as regular division checks, making sure units are well.

DvL - The Divisional of a Division. They have full autonomy over their division, making sure their units are in line and are doing their set directives effectively. If you are a lower unit, you should be scared depending what he does.

EpU - The Divisionals right hand man. He is the Second In Command of a division, making sure the units are in line as well, and usually holds traning.

OfC - The Officers of a Division. Usually these guys handle Internal Affairs, and have permitted abilities. They are expected to make sure the units of their division are doing their priorities, assign things to units, et-cetera.

01 - The Squad Leader. These units are role models for the units below them. They may command around units.

02 - Junior Squad Leader. These units are also allowed to command units below them, and are the first step towards an actual Squad Leader.

03 - Mid Rank. These units can be considered Veterans, and are a role model to some below them as well depending how they work.

04 - Fairly trained units who are capable of upholding the unions rules.

05 - Fresh out of recruitment, and may mess up at times.

RCT - The new unit who won't really know anything.

- System:
High Command may patrol, but they must be cautious of their surroundings. A Divisional should have at least two units with them if going outside, but they do not need to do so if they so wish.

Units should not interact regularly or hold casual conversations with citizens, as it defeats their purpose of not being stern and rude, though it also does depend on their personality. Due to this, Units may hold these sorts of conversations for a bit, however if such conversations are held for a long period of time, it can result in black-marking or other punishment depending on what the High-Command sees fit.

Units digits are not visible to the populace. The only way a units digits can be seen by other units is in their visors, where the digits are marked on the body in white. Even if a citizen were to overhear a units digits in casual conversation, they are unable to know who the exact person is due to the same uniform that almost all units wear. Their division and rank are armbands, however.

Officers do not get a special model to remain anonymous of their rank. Officers are given an 01 Armband and their division, but on the visor HUD, their digits are marked BLUE instead of WHITE to indicate that they are an Officer.

Units should not be pulling aside citizens randomly and beating them for no reason. This can easily disrupt the Established Socio-Stability and possibly cause an unexpected Uprising. Units should only be doing this if they are checking if someone is a BOL, or if ordered by a High-Commanding Officer. If the citizen has done something unlawful in the unions laws, they may be pulled over and re-educated in front of others so they may learn not to do what the offending citizen has done. Units should not amputate others in public unless they are an immediate threat. If amputation must be done outside, they must do it where citizens can not see. This will hopefully lower the amount of 'Edgy' units.

- Equipment:

Bio-Signal - The most basic part. Once a unit is instated, they must take a blood sample, in which a High Commanding Unit approves it and puts the new units blood into the system. Once the unit is dead, all of their equipment is rendered useless, and will be deactivated forever. If a unit is revived, they will need a new uniform.

CIMS - Connected to a units bio-signal, this is their suit that displays information on the top left corner, such as their current armor, health, hunger, heat systems, et-cetera. The CIMS also contains units digits which are displayed on their visor HUDs to know which unit is who.

Stunstick - This baton has the capabilities of shocking things to knock them out or more if used roughly.

9mm Pistol -  The standard side arm for a unit which has fiber optic sights.

MP7 - A sub-machine gun with a extending stock. If using the stock, this makes the MP7 a bit more accurate than it was, since it stabilizes the gun more.

Kevlar - This protects the units vital organs. The standard issued Kevlar is T-2. High-Command may get T-3 or T-4 depending on their rank.

Utility Belt - This is what clanks around when they run and what-not. This holds your zip-ties, pistol holster, stun baton, et-cetera. GRID usually has more added to their utility belt since they specialize in engineering.

Basic Medical Kit - Standard issue to all units. Every unit is trained with knowledge of the Basic Medical Kit. HELIX will have a more advanced medical kit on them at all times, however.

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